Pipe / Profile Processing Machines

  Our machines are used to process pipes and profiles, made of carbon, alloy, or stainless steel; aluminium, aluminium alloy, copper, etc., which are extensively used in the manufacture industries of furniture, storage racks, machine parts, boilers, and building of roads, bridges, ships, etc..

  Besides sales of the machines, cold processing of pipes and profiles by exploiting our self-made machines is also among our business activities, namely, we accept punching and bending jobs with customers' drawings and/or materials, which can also be acquired domestically as an option.

  Recent years, increasing needs of our punching machines have been seen from manufacturers of storage racks, where concentrated equidistant slots made on profile supports facilitate free installation of the shelves.

  The hydraulic-powered punching mechanism provides constant and tenacious punching force, as is an advantage compared with the mechanical punching mechanism, by which instantaneous punching force is applied to the workpieces.

  Our customized punching tools and dies are designed to match workpieces of every different size. The special designs guarantee that the walls of the workpieces are pierced with no deformation or burrs left thereon. On demand of the users, the tools and dies can be designed in the way that the two walls of the workpieces can be pierced in a single punching, doubling the manufacturing efficiency.

  Double punching lines are an option for users with bigger manufacturing needs. Multi-slot punching tools and dies can also be customized, dependent on the sizes and materials of the specific workpieces.

  Our pipe bending machines are used to bend metal pipes of Φ10mm ~ Φ114mm.

  The digital control system can store different angle values, which can be programmed for a series of continuous bending of multi-angle workpieces. For large quantity of workpieces, the bending process can be repeated without interference.

  The bending mandrels are specially designed to finish precision processing and protect the workpieces from undesired deformation.

  Different to mechanical machines, the hydraulic pressure can be adjusted for different sizes of pipes.