Thin-Wall Stainless Steel Water Pipe

Main Features


(1) Healthy and Safe


·304 stainless steel is healthy and safe for human body.

·Good transmission quality.

·Good hydraulic conditions.

·Environmentally-friendly and renewable.


(2) High performance


·Long life time more than 100 years.

·High strength performance, high corrosion resistance, high stability.

·Cost-effective, low cost for the after installation.

·Low failure rate and leakage save water resources.


(3) Wide range of application


·Mainly used for direct drinking water project.

·Heating system.

·Municipal water supply and drainage.

·Agriculture, gardens, irrigation, medicine, chemicals, pure water production enterprises, engineering and equipment management, petrochemical industry , beverage industry and other high demand water transport. 



Main Advantages


(1) Strong: 3-4 times of copper pipe, 8-10 times of PPR pipe.

(2) Small: Small water resistance with smooth inner wall.

(3) Less: Less lime scale, less bacteria.