Sichuan Metals & Minerals Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. (SCMMC) is a member company of Sichuan Foreign Trade Group. It was established as a general trade company, which is dated back to 1980, when China was gearing up for a great revival, at the threshold of the 1978 economic reform. The core business of SCMMC was focused on metals, minerals, chemicals, steel, etc., some of which were operated through limited export quotas. Besides, SCMMC has been performing its vested functions, introducing advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to large public enterprises, bringing along international awareness to, and maintaining international sales channels for medium and small business entities in China. Meanwhile, SCMMC presents opportunities for the international enterprises to explore and expand their markets in interior China.

In 2001, the company was reformed with reduced non-controlling public stake. Infused with new visions and more open-minded business philosophy, now the company has expanded its business fields around and beyond its principal business, including geosynthetic products and Metalking® series metal processing machines, etc.. Over the years, the company has also explored new business opportunities besides commodity sales by exploitation of its qualifications and diversification of investment. The company has participated in a number of overseas and domestic construction projects in Thailand, Dubai, and mainland China, and maintains investment in building property, manufacturing entities, as well as mineral products including coal and vanadium.

As a professional international trade company, SCMMC has sharpened its abilities in import and export business, and strengthened its qualifications. The company has been listed as an “AA grade enterprise” by the Chinese Customs and granted priorities in fastest and most convenient customs procedures. The company maintains good financial status, keeps excellent credit with banks, inspection and customs authorities, and gained international fame among our partners and clients, which as a whole add to our assets and competitiveness.

SCMMC is dedicated to its business philosophy of creating value with service and seeking for diversified and extensive collaboration under long-term business partnership. The enterprising objective of SCMMC is creating a comprehensive trade platform and contributing to the society.