Import department

Import department is mainly engaged in complete sets of equipment, machinery and equipment import and procurement agent, single metal, chemical and steel and other bulk raw materials, tools, daily chemical products and other import business, import business consulting services, to undertake the import the self-management and agent business, design package of overall import plans for domestic customers, in order to achieve the most convenient, fast, economic operation effect.

Imported products:

Complete sets of equipment: vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, spinning machine, injection molding machine, grinding machine, diesel generator, etc

Instruments: spectrometer, three coordinate measuring instrument, temperature and humidity meter, nondestructive testing instrument, liquid nitrogen cooling tank, etc

Auto parts: seat parts, airbags, oil products, steel pipe, steel plate, seat motor, seat switch, etc

Mechanical parts: valves and parts, actuators and parts, testing instrument parts, etc

Medical equipment: respiratory equipment, anesthesia equipment, disinfection equipment, etc

Steel and non-ferrous metals: steel pipe, steel plate, titanium pipe, channel steel, rail, etc

Building materials: ceramic tile, shower room, bathtub, bathroom hardware, etc

Import department