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Urgently hire "Tendering Agents" ! !

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Urgently hire "Tendering Agents" ! !

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Some people say that the "feelings" of this era have been flooded, but I want to tell you that although we have been out for a long time, we are ingenious.
Some people say that we can't talk about ideals. We provide a competitive platform and look forward to a person who can create the future together.
If you happen to be such a person, please send us your resume as soon as possible.
The bidding agent commissioner is urgently hired. The position information is as follows:
Position monthly salary: 3000-5000 yuan (excluding commission) Work location: Chengdu Release date: 2018-02-28 Nature of work: Full-time working years: unlimited Minimum education: college
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the business docking with the tenderee, sorting out and preparing the bidding documents, bid evaluation methods, contract documents, etc.;
2. Handle bidding filing, registration, submission for review, release bidding announcements and bidding documents, and accept the registration of bidders;
3. Participate in the organization of bid opening, assist in bid evaluation, bid determination and prepare bid evaluation report;
4. Issue the bid-winning notice to the bid-winning unit and handle the refund of the bid bond;
5. Responsible for organizing and compiling the complete bidding file and submitting it to relevant departments for archiving after the bidding work is completed.
6. The collection of bid information, the preparation of bid documents and the corresponding work involved in the bid;
7. Deal with the calculation of fixed unit price and total price in the bidding process and report to the superior in time to ensure that the quotation is accurate, reasonable and competitive;
8. Responsible for the preparation of bid documents, typesetting, printing, copying, and binding of the overall bid documents, and complete the preparation of bid documents as required to ensure that the bid documents are delivered on time.
9. Implement the confidentiality regulations for bidding and bidding.
Job requirements (accepting fresh graduates):
1. Proficiency in using office software and tendering tools;
2. Be able to adapt to frequent short-term business trips in Sichuan, diligent and practical;
3. Able to drive vehicles proficiently.
working address
702, Block C, Fengde International Plaza, No.6 Hangkong Road, Wuhou District
Interested parties please send your resume to the mailbox:
Contact: Miss Qiu, Miss Li
For other recruitment information, please refer to the "Recruitment" column in the header.

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