Ministry of Commerce: The impact of the epidemic on imports and exports is temporary and staged

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 5 (Reporters Chen Weiwei and Wang Yuxiao) Li Xinggan, Director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce,

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 5 (Reporters Chen Weiwei and Wang Yuxiao) Li Xinggan, Director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced on the 5th that due to the Spring Festival factor, there will be certain fluctuations in imports and exports in the first quarter of each year. Fluctuations in exports are inevitable, but the impact is temporary and phased. China's foreign trade is resilient, and the long-term development trend remains unchanged.
At a regular online press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce on the same day, Li Xingqian said that from local and industry reports, foreign trade companies are facing difficulties in receiving orders, contract performance, and international logistics in addition to difficulties in resuming work and transportation. External problems such as poor flow and increased trade barriers have made the foreign trade situation more severe.
He said that in order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the development of foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce, in conjunction with various localities and departments, intensively introduced foreign trade stabilization policies, and comprehensively used fiscal, financial, export credit insurance and other means to support foreign trade enterprises in resuming work and production, ensuring markets and guarantees. Order. At present, the progress of resuming work and production has accelerated significantly. Key foreign trade companies in Zhejiang and Tianjin have resumed 100% of work, and the resumption rates of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and Chongqing have exceeded 70%. With the effects of various foreign trade stabilization policies and measures, enterprises in various regions have smoothly resumed work and production, and the country's imports and exports have shown a positive momentum of restorative growth.
Li Xinggan said that the Ministry of Commerce will make every effort to stabilize the basics of foreign trade, enrich the policy toolbox, help enterprises more accurately, support the rapid development of new foreign trade formats, and ensure that leading enterprises resume work and production, maintain the stability of the global supply chain, and contribute to global trade. Contribute to healthy development.
Li Xingqian also said that the Ministry of Commerce continues to track and study the impact and challenges of the epidemic on international trade, has adopted a series of policy measures to hedge against the adverse impact, and will also introduce targeted measures to ensure and stabilize the smooth operation of the industrial chain and supply chain. China has the world's largest manufacturing system with the most complete categories and the most complete supporting facilities. The advantages of a complete industrial chain are irreplaceable. China's position in the global industrial chain and supply chain will not change.

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