Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is committed to maintaining and strengthening the company's inherent business, strategic planning around the company's core import and export business, and finding new business opportunities to provide business intelligence to other business units of the company.

As the forefront business research and development department of the company, the Marketing Department is committed to developing the core competitiveness of the company, constantly innovating on the basis of the existing business, lengthening the service chain, constantly providing value-added services for customers, and creating value through services. According to the individual needs of customers to customize competitive solutions, and strive to establish long-term strategic cooperation with customers, while looking to the market, constantly looking for new business growth points.

In recent years, the Marketing Department has established and consolidated the relationship with international suppliers and partners, and expanded some new businesses for the company, especially providing solutions for the technology introduction projects of large and medium-sized domestic production enterprises, and promoting some scientific research and civil products of military units, etc.

SCMMC is committed to providing value-added services to our customers by leveraging the strong corporate credit, financial position, and professional skills of our business teams accumulated over the years.

Building materials: ceramic tile, shower room, bathtub, bathroom hardware, etc

Marketing Department