Export department

The EXPORT Department is mainly engaged in the export of steel, mineralized products, metal processing machinery, geomaterials and other products. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

SCMMC has established long-term partnerships with some of the largest steel mills in China to provide a wide range of steel products at competitive prices and services. The company may offer its customers favorable payment terms.

Mineralized products are one of the core businesses of SCMMC. SCMMC is licensed to operate hazardous chemicals and provides reliable services in packaging, transportation and disposal.

Chaojin ® series metal processing machinery has established a good brand image in many foreign dealers and users. In the process of long-term communication with customers, we continue to improve products and add new humanized design. We provide installation, commissioning services and operation training for some mechanical products.

Geomaterial products are highly customized products. The users are mainly foreign civil engineering contractors. We adjust the product parameters according to the specific requirements of users.

SCMMC is committed to providing customers with value-added services higher than commodity trade, providing customers with financial support, business consulting, processing of incoming materials, product inspection, centralized procurement, etc., to improve the service level, and then establish long-term partnership with customers.

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